Leonotis leonurus : Wild Dagga


This listing is for 1 x Leonotis leonurus 

Average size 15-20cm

Sent bare-rooted

  • Ornamental: this is an amazingly beautiful and graceful looking plant – the tall flower spike grows quickly and produces a wonderfully bright orange flower.
  • Known as Wild Dagga
  • The nectar laden flowers attract beneficial insects and birds into your Permaculture garden or food forest.
  • Popular for its sedative qualities, apparently due to the high alkaloid content, the major one being leonurine.
  • Leaves commonly used for making a calming tea.
  • Flowers and leaves commonly used as an alternative smoking herb, alone or in a blend.
  • All of our plant products are grown organically in Buxton Australia.
Pot up or plant direct into a part shade/protected full sun position – water in with diluted seaweed solution for best results.

Medicinal Uses

Leonotis leonurus has a long history of medicinal use by traditional African tribes. It was commonly used for headaches, flu, dysentery, chest infections, epilepsy, constipation, intestinal worms, insect bites, snake bites, menstrual delays and hypertension. Externally it was used for haemorrhoids, eczema, skin rashes, boils and other wounds. Benefits have also been found when using this plant for arthritic, painful and inflammatory conditions and controlling hypoglycemic symptoms. The latter has been found to be supported by scientific research.

This plant has a history of being used for its psychoactive properties which have been compared to a mild version of the Cannabis plant. The dried leaves and flowers are known to create a mild calming effect. The main active constituent is leonine and in high doses the plant is known to be toxic, affecting bodily organs, blood cells and bodily functions.

Modern herbal medicine mainly uses this plant for premenstrual discomfort and a calming tea infusion may be prepared.

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